I am an arts researcher, educator, and practitioner based in the U.S. and Scandinavia. I combine experience in the arts, teaching, and scholarship to create ecologically centered projects with international collaborators.

with Catharine DeLong, harp

Finch Lane Gallery, Salt Lake City

artwork by Casey Lou Miller

Arts & Education for the Planet

My bottom-up approach to curating involves listening to arts practitioners as their projects interact and develop organically. Installations, theatre events, and musical interventions combine to create embodied and at the same time critical experiences of planetary care.

Building on my Ph.D. research in music and politics, I study sonic elements of climate art and their effects in raising embodied awareness of environmental systems, losses, and repairs. Music's power to enthrall or interrupt is key to my scholarship and its curatorial applications.

My experience in a variety of settings, from university classrooms and music studios to outdoor workshops, gives me tools to bridge learning platforms and arts pedagogies for a warming world. I offer soundwalks, curatorial workshops, and slow seminars for critical reflection.